Oprah Voted ‘Most Powerful Celebrity’ + Her Inspirational Speech


Oprah Winfrey returns to the top of Forbes’ annual Celebrity 100 of the most powerful celebrities after two years in second place. Despite business stumbles and an $88 million earnings drop since last year Oprah remains a powerful force in Hollywood.

This might be her focus in the near future:

Nailing must-see viewing, like her two-night interview with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong, is Winfrey’s focus now, as are scripted shows with help from fellow Celebrity 100 member Tyler Perry. In the near future, shows that don’t star Winfrey could become as much of a draw as her own programs. (source)

Oprah Winfrey Harvard Commencement Speech 2013

Oprah gives an inspirational speech. She tells the story of how she got herself out of a bad situation, shares life lessons and gives good advice…30 minutes long but highly recommended:

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