Middle-Aged Women: Pent-Up Stress Can Harm Your Health (New Study)


Many middle-aged women develop aches, pains and other physical symptoms as a result of chronic stress, according to a decades-long study.

Researchers in Sweden examined long-term data collected from about 1,500 women and found that about 20 percent of middle-aged women experienced constant or frequent stress during the previous five years, HealthDay reports. The highest rates of stress occurred among women aged 40 to 60 and those who were single or smokers (or both).

When It Comes to Stress, Middle-Aged Women Are No. 1. The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index shows women in the 45-to-64 age bracket have the worst well-being of any gender or age group:

Here are the findings of the new study:

“Since 1968, women’s lifestyles have changed in many ways,” researcher Dominique Hange said in a university news release. “For example, many more women now work outside the home. Naturally, these changes can affect the experience of stress.”

Hange said the “most important conclusion [from this study] is that single women, women who do not work outside the home and women who smoke are particularly vulnerable to stress. Here, we see a greater need for preventive measures from society.”

Do you feel stressed? Here is the Single Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Stress:

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