Inspirational Video: What I Learned About Life (Paulo Coelho Poem)


This beautiful inspirational video shows the text of a poem from Paulo Coelho – it’s really something you’ll want to watch…it really moves people as you can see in the youtube comments here:

“Still….after 3 yrs it makes me speechless! Text combined with music. Merci. Multiplied by 1000” -NEXUSverbinding

“Very very great video, I love this so much, I am glad to watch this, thank you so so much for the great video, great words,” -khounnakone

“This how my life changed when i listen’d to this i have many more friends naw im really happy people actually noticed me 1 i though i was invisible” -Millie jones

“this is one of those things that change your life” -Thomas D

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" Inspirational Video: What I Learned About Life (Paulo Coelho Poem) "