Still Drinking Coke? Watch This.


How bad is Coke & other soft drinks really for your teeth? We’ve found some experiments that people made to find out the truth. This video shows what happens if you put a tooth in a glass of Coke.

You can see how Phosphoric acid (E338) dissolves the enamel of a wisdow tooth over time. In three months all the enamel was gone:

I have put an old wisdom tooth of mine in a small plastic cup of cola. The cup contains about 0,5 dl of cola. I changed the cola every morning and evening, so 1,5 litres of cola lasts for about two weeks.
I photographed the tooth at certain intervals (week, month etc).(source)

Another experiment – here with an egg:

Although occasional drinking of soft drinks will not do much harm to our teeth and health, it is the habitual drinkers that have much to worry about. Sipping the drinks slowly will only prolong the exposure of the teeth to acid and will only cause more damage to one’s tooth enamel. (source)

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