Read This Before You Add Splenda To Your Coffee


One of the world’s most popular non-caloric sweeteners might give you a sour aftertaste – in the form of high blood sugar, which can lead to diabetes.

A new study finds that the artificial sweetener sucralose – sold as Splenda, Aqualoz, and Canderel – can actually alter the way your body handles sugar.

In this new study, sucralose-sweetened drinks caused participants’ blood sugar and insulin levels to jump higher than when they only drank water. The findings do not agree with the notion that the calorie-free sweetener is ‘inert’ with no effect on the body, researchers said.

“Our results indicate that this artificial sweetener is not inert – it does have an effect,” said study lead Dr. M. Yanina Pepino, of Washington University’s Center for Human Nutrition. “And we need to do more studies to determine whether this observation means long-term use could be harmful.”

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