Dr Oz Shares His #1 Tip For Heart Health


Anyone can be at risk for heart disease. It’s the No. 1 killer of both men and women in the U.S., but it is one of the diseases we can actually help prevent, explains Nancy Georgekutty, MD.

Science has proven that the mind can play a major role in wellness and recovery. Dr. Oz tells Rosie about two heart transplant patients he operated on—one whose wife read to him every day and another who never had a visitor. What do people who live a long life share? Dr. Oz says it’s that their hearts have a reason to keep beating:

Dr Oz & Dr Ornish on Reversing Heart Disease:

For over 32 years, Dr. Ornish has been an integral member of medicine’s clinical research community. He is a pioneer who demonstrated for the first time that lifestyle changes could reverse even severe coronary heart disease.

If you have heart disease and are not in need of emergency surgery, such as bypass, angioplasty or stent placement, you can reverse your heart disease by eliminating the behaviors that have contributed to your condition, and picking up healthy new habits.

You may need what Dr. Ornish calls a “pound of cure” (as opposed to an “ounce of prevention”). This means making big – and sustainable — changes to your diet, exercise routine and approach to stress management. Start getting better today with Dr. Ornish’s 4-step plan to reverse your heart disease. For those who don’t have heart disease, there is a wide spectrum of preventive choices you can make to live healthily.

A new study shows that small changes can have a big impact:

“Our study supports this idea that making small changes in lifestyle can have a huge impact in reducing stroke burden,” Kulshreshtha said in an interview, adding, however, that it remains to be tested which multidisciplinary interventions will work at the population level to reduce the burden of stroke. (source)

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