Delicious Summer Drinks: How to Make Water Infusions


With summer coming, it’s real tempting to grab an unhealthy beverage on the go. Some people don’t like to taste the water. Water Infusion solves that problem by making water taste better while adding health benefits. Fun to make and refreshing, water infusions are healthy alternatives to alcohol-based drinks or soda. It’s a natural blend of water with natural mixes that produces a heart-warming and thirst-quenching flavored water.

Around 70-75% of our body is made up of water. Brain for example is about 82% of water. Given how reliant we are to the presence of water to keep our body metabolism and processes, it’s directly important to stay hydrated each and every time. Otherwise, it will make us hungry and respond by eating empty calories that couple to the storage of body fats.

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" Delicious Summer Drinks: How to Make Water Infusions "