3 Tiny Miracle Foods


What if there were foods that tasted great, provided nutrition, and made you lose weight? A miracle, no? Too good to be true? Yes! That being said, there are some foods which can give us a little nudge in that direction:

1) Coffee

Benefits: Raises metabolic rate for 3 hours after you drink it

If you’re a coffee drinker, you probably enjoy the increased energy and concentration that follows your morning ritual. Taken in moderation, one of coffee’s benefits may be a short-term increase in your metabolic rate. (source)

2) Green Tea

Benefits: Has lots of antioxidants, helps you burning fat.

For years, supermodel Sophie Dahl championed the way for slimming brews after she claimed that drinking green tea boosted her metabolism, helping her to drop from a size 16 to a size 12. More recently Victoria Beckman has taken centre stage, following rumours that she drinks pu-erh tea, an ancient Chinese brew that reportedly helps you stay slim and keeps you looking younger! (source)

3) Nuts (especially Almonds)

Benefits: Monounsaturated fats & great source of fiber (makes you feel full)

A high-fat food that’s good for your health? That’s not an oxymoron, its almonds. Almonds are high in monounsaturated fats, the same type of health-promoting fats as are found in olive oil, which have been associated with reduced risk of heart disease. (source)

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