10 Reasons Why You Should STOP Eating Wheat


WARNING: If the IDEA of giving up wheat makes you feel depressed, angry, defensive, argumentative or nervous, you are probably physically ADDICTED to wheat… that’s what Brenda from LeanSecrets says.

She is not the only one: Dr William Davis wrote a best-selling book called “Wheat Belly” where he claims “Wheat is as addictive as cocaine“.

Studies have shown that wheat has a negative effect on weight loss, is linked to headaches, skin issues and it’s inflammatory.

If you maintain a low body fat percentage while eating wheat, then go ahead and keep eating what you are eating.

This video is for the millions of people having trouble losing body fat, experiencing brain fog, digestion problems, exhaustion, severe PMS or PMDD, metabolic syndrome etc. In which case, according to Brenda, eliminating wheat is the FIRST thing that should be done, as this clears up MANY (if not all) of these common ailments.

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