Study: Yoga better than Exercise for boosting Memory and Concentration


A single, 20-minute session of the popular Hatha yoga significantly improves working as it improves memory, speed and focus, more so than regular workouts, a new study says.

The study found that following yoga practice the participants were better able to focus their mental resources, process information quickly and more accurately and also learn, hold and update pieces of information more effectively than after performing an aerobic exercise bout.

“The breathing and meditative exercises aim at calming the mind and body and keeping distracting thoughts away while you focus on your body, posture or breath,” Professor Neha Gothe, who led the study, reported.

The researchers were surprised to see that participants showed more improvement in their reaction times and accuracy on cognitive tasks after yoga practice than after the aerobic exercise session, which showed no significant improvements on the working memory and inhibitory control scores. (source)

This cute hand-drawn video shows the benefits of Yoga and how to get started:

Yoga practice has spent the last quarter century going from a yuppie health fad to an expected piece of advice from nearly any physician. Most of the advice boils down to the fact that improving your strength and flexibility through regular practice of yoga postures (“asanas”) is excellent for your physical and mental well-being.

Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, PhD from Harvard wrote a whole book about the subject. Here is a video about the book:

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" Study: Yoga better than Exercise for boosting Memory and Concentration "