How Daisy Lost 27 Pounds With Zumba (+Zumba Home Workout)


“Zumba” just sounds like fun, doesn’t it? If you’re not already obsessed with this hot, Latin-inspired dance workout, chances are you’ve heard a lot of buzz about it.

This Latin fitness craze is everywhere. Zumba’s real draw — besides the huge calorie burn — is that it feels more like a party than a gym session. “It’s exercise in disguise: You don’t realize you’re doing cardio, lunges or shoulder presses,” says Kass Martin, a Zumba education specialist.

Is it the answer to your fitness prayers? We’ll let you be the judge.

Let’s have a look of what Zumba is:

Congratulations to Daisy, who was a finalist in the Zumba Fitness Rush 90 Day Challenge. Together with a change in nutrition she used Zumba to lose 27 pounds in 90 days. Watch her transformation here:

Zumba Workout At Home:

Whether you’re a Zumba devotee or a novice, you can now do our full-body Zumba toning workout in the comfort of your living room. Led by Zumba instructor Laura Micklich, who calls it “exercise in disguise,” this easy-to-follow workout clocks in at just over 10 minutes, and time flies when you’re shaking your hips:

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