Horse-Inspired ‘Fitness Workout’ “Prancercise” takes Web by Storm


If you haven’t already seen the Internet’s current favorite exercise phenomenon, do yourself a favor and watch “Prancercise: A Fitness Workout.” It is worth every minute:

She’s aware that people think her exercise routine ‘Prancercise’ is “goofy,” and that by extension its founder must be “spooky and goofy and weird and wacky. I say bring it on. I love it. Look at all the attention it’s getting me. If I wasn’t all those things, I wouldn’t be who I am.” she told TheDailyBeast.

“I woke up almost in shock when I saw all the hits on YouTube,” she told TODAY. “It’s like, I think, over 2 million now, and it’s like — wow!” Here her interview with TODAY:

What are other people saying?

Shira talks to Joanna Rohrback, the creator of Prancercise. Joanna explains how it all got started, why she came up with this name for it, and her thoughts of the future of Prancercise:

Asked, if she has always lived her life the way she Prancercises, she replied:

Oh yeah. I’m not like a crazy person, I wouldn’t go skydiving or do anything unsafe, but I’ve always just lived and acted how I want. I know I’m not in style all the time, and my lingo might not be up to date, and right now I wear ankle weights all day long—but I always try to have fun and help people and do what I love. (source)

What do you think of Prancercise? Let us know in the comments!

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