5 Best Butt Exercises (Step-by-Step Videos)


What are the best butt exercises for women? Look no further — we’ve got 5 of the most effective butt exercises:

5. Fire Hydrant

Fire Hydrants are yet another phenomenal exercise dedicated to glute activation. Keep in mind that a thorough stretch following this exercise is recommended as with any strengthening exercise. (source)

4. Donkey Kick

Few exercises require such little preparation for such big results. No experience, equipment or spot-trainer is required to perform the exercise, yet the American Council on Exercise named it the number one best butt exercise in 2005. (source)

3. Lunges

Contrary to popular belief, the lunge has a much greater load on the glutes and hamstrings than the quads, especially when driving back up (the concentric phase).  They are a bit harder to learn because of the dynamic step component and if someone has knee pain, this may not be the best choice. But it definitely defines the glutes because of the work load, she says! (source)

2. The Step-Up

The step-up is one of the best butt exercises you can do to work on strength, power, and balance in a unilateral fashion (one side at a time), says Declan Condron, an exercise physiologist for PumpOne. “We all perform this basic functional movement many times a day, every day. It targets all the main large muscles of the legs, particularly the glutes and hamstrings, and really helps develop a nice shapely, toned rear end.” (source)

1. Single-Leg Squat (Advanced)

This exercise is one of the most difficult exercises, even for advanced exercisers. Easier versions of this movement include partial reps or self assistance on horizontal bar, from raised rear leg, or with one leg wrapped behind supporting leg. Other squatting or split squat movements can can also be performed. (source)

No need for a gym, you can try all of them from the comfort of your home!

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