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Women Over 40: What You Need To Know About Weight Loss


Women often notice that as they as they approach 40 it becomes harder for them to prevent weight gain – menopausal weight gain (also known as middle aged spread) is a common problem.

This can be the case for a number of reasons:

1. Hormonal changes can contribute
2. You tend to become less active as you get older
3. You may have less muscle mass and your metabolism may slow, meaning you burn calories less easily

However menopause weight gain doesn’t have to be inevitable and if you have already put on a few pounds that you would like to lose, post menopause weight loss is possible.

Relevant science:

Estrogen is a potent insulin-sensitizer and estrogen and progesterone together are anti-cortisol agents. So, the female hormone profile (estrogen and progesterone balance) is key in decreasing weight gain, making weight loss easier and maintaining the hourglass shape. Menopausal women are more insulin resistant, more stress responsive, and in addition to the decreased levels of estrogen, the ratio of estrogen to progesterone the ratio is often even more out of balance (more estrogen relative to progesterone compared to what it was).

Dr Khandee Ahnaimugan‘s 5 Tips for Sustainable Weight Loss:

1) A long-term perspective (don’t be in too much of a hurry)

2) Small changes that are easy to fit in with your current lifestyle

3) Ensuring that you’re still able to eat out, socialise, travel and generally enjoy life (Remember, unpleasantness and deprivation are the enemy of weight loss)

4) A focus on refining and improving your approach, so that you find the best way that works for you.

5) Persistence. Never giving up.

At menopause, the typical female fat distribution gives way to storage of fat around the waist and an inability to lose weight using tactics that were successful before the hormonal shift.

Dr Khandee Ahnaimugan‘s Recommended Small Changes:

1) Cut back portion sizes by 5-10%

2) Remove some tempting foods from your workspace or home environment

3) Stop or at least reduce second servings

4) Reduce the amount of one particularly high calorie snack that you often eat.

If you want to learn more about the underlying hormones that may be blocking your weight loss success, here is what to do next:

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" Women Over 40: What You Need To Know About Weight Loss "