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Photoshop Diet Exposed (Watch This Before You Open The Next Magazine)


When was the last time you looked at the cover of a magazine? Chances are that the beautiful woman on the cover had a bit of help – by Photoshop. Enter the Photoshop Diet:

See with your own eyes what’s possible with Photoshop:

This is the shocking reality that a magazine columnist mentioned:

If magazines sold you reality, they’d never make money. You go to magazines for fantasy – beautiful clothes, beautiful shoes, stories that are so amazing that you wish they were you, beautiful scenery and, unfortunately, bodies that are enviable. People are just more likely to buy something that’ll inspire them than they are to buy something that they can – and do – see every day. (source)

Find out about the shocking truth that basically ALL images in magazines are photoshopped:

However, studies show that thin models sell better:

“The really interesting result we’re seeing across multiple studies is that these thin models make women feel bad, but they like it,” Mr. Kees said. “They have higher evaluation of the brands. With the more regular-size models, they don’t feel bad. Their body image doesn’t change. But in terms of evaluations of the brands, those are actually lower.” (source)

Should Photoshop be banned? What’s your opinion?

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