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Lose 20 Pounds in 3 Weeks with ‘Biggest Loser’ Trainer Bob Harper


What if you have a big event looming — a reunion, wedding, beach vacation, or other special occasion — and need a fast-acting plan to meet your short-term goals? ‘Biggest Loser’ Trainer Bob Harper gives you 4 Rules to achieve exactly that. Watch the video right now:

Rule 1: Take Control with Proper Proportions — ­40/40/20

Every time you eat you should have the following ratio:

40% Carbohydrates:

Carbohydrates—­nature’s sugars—­are the body’s fuel. We need them to keep our energy levels up, to keep our thinking sharp, and to replenish starved muscles. But carbohydrates come in two different forms: simple and complex. I’m oversimplifying, but think of it this way: simple carbohydrates are found in fruits and vegetables (which, again, also give us needed fiber) and are, generally, “good.” Complex carbohydrates are what we find in processed starchy food—­breads, baked goods, pastas, crackers, and potatoes. It’s not that complex carbohydrates are evil or that you can never have them again (you can!), but most people rely too heavily on carbohydrates of the complex variety, and don’t get enough simple ones! When we overload on the complex carbs, we wreak havoc on our systems. (source)

40% Protein:

Protein is a dieter’s best friend. Not only does it help maintain muscle while you are losing fat, it can also prevent you from feeling hungry. Why? Because protein helps control blood sugar and insulin—­two elements that, out of balance, can make you feel famished and craving all the wrong things. During your Jumpstart program, 40 percent of your calories will come from protein. (source)

20% Fat:

We also need fats—­whether in the form of oils or solids. Fats help maintain the essential barriers around our cells, help keep our skin and various other tissues flexible, and provide a dense source of fuel—­120 calories for every tablespoon! Fats are not “bad”—­we just need to use the right ones the right way. If we do, we can reduce feelings of hunger and stay on the path to successful weight loss and an awesome big reveal body. Your Jumpstart diet will allow 20 percent fats. (source)

Rule 2: Cut back on calories. Then cut back again

Freebie Calories: Eat as many vegetables as you want for fullness and fiber

You need to create a calorie deficit in order to lose weight.

Cut down on calories:
Women should eat 800 calories.
Men should eat 1200 calories.

Now, where do those numbers—­800 for women, 1,200 for men—­come from? In short, they come from years of experience with clients in your shoes. They come from years of my trying to be accommodating, sensitive, and empathetic when folks said things like, “Can’t you just give me a little more food?” or “Bob, can’t you let me have a tablespoon of peanut butter or something before bed? After all, protein is good for weight loss. Right, Bob?”

Yes, I tried to be compassionate, I tried to be Mr. Sympathy—­and my clients didn’t meet their weight-­loss goals.

There is just no way around it. You’ve got to ratchet your intake way down if you want a skinnier you. (source)

Rule 3: Eat No Complex Carbs after breakfast

Complex Carbohydrates -> eat in the morning

The later in the day you eat complex carbs, the more likely you will have cravings at night.

Rule 4: Get rid of water by drinking more water

Drink water before each meal to make you feel full and trick the body into shedding water efficiently.

Rule 5: Fall back on veggies

Veggies are a great source of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

If you are hungry or bored, eat veggies.


Do these Jumpstart Moves for just 15 minutes five times a week and kick off your weight loss!

Keep in mind that this is a pretty extreme diet that is intended for a short amount of time (ie. 3 weeks) – not as a lifestyle. 800 calories for women is not much. But overall this is a very good system to lose fat in a healthy way!

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