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Jessica’s Weight Loss Journey Losing 100+ lbs (Before & After)


Jessica’s highest weight ever was 310 lbs. She started her journey to a healthy lifestyle in 2009 and 1.5 years later she has been smaller than she was in middle school.

Watch the inspirational video about her story now:

It wasn’t easy for Jess:

I have been overweight all my life. I was a chubby baby and an overweight child, I weighed around 160 pounds in middle school and 190 – 198 throughout high school. My family did not live a healthy lifestyle and therefore I did not either. We ate hamburger helper for dinner with ground beef you had to drain soupy fat off of, we always had chips and snack food and soda in the house but never had any fresh fruit or vegetables. We were really low income with 6 kids and I guess my parents tried to stretch there money… but in the wrong ways. I never exercised, I only watched TV, I couldn’t run or do a push up but to this day I can quote a Disney movie line for line. (source)

Things got worse…

I got in a really bad relationship my senior year of high school and went through alot of mental abuse from my boyfriend over the course of a year… I also did quite alot of drugs (mostly pot resulting in munches) and drank bourbon or vodka every day to the point of blacking out most of the time. I gained over 100 pounds in that year and my self esteem all but vanished. My highest weight was 310 pounds when I was around 18. I worked for years to lose it trying one fad diet after another, going up and down up and down but I could never lose more than 10 – 15 pounds at a time and could never keep it off. (source)

Her Tipping Point:

Right before I got pregnant with my daughter I read a book – cant remember the name unfortunately – it focused on looking at why you ate, when you ate, and what emotional and environmental thing triggered your eating. It had you write down everything you ate and what you were feeling at the time and what you were doing at the time… I really started to look at why I was doing this to myself and what set me into the frantic I have to eat everything in sight rage I would get in sometimes. I think when I read that book something clicked and I think I would have been really successful after that. (source)

She found a supportive community and persisted:

I kept going for a whole year… the months really flew by actually. I hit a few plateaus and the old me would have quit but the new me dident. I told myself this would take a long time, maybe years but as long as I kept doing what I was doing the weight would eventually come off. I never let myself quit, even when I had a bad eating day I dident throw in the towel, I would workout and then have something to be proud of and move on to the next day. some weeks I lost 2 or 3 pounds… some weeks I only lost half a pound…. some weeks I gained. Overall though the trend was down and I kept going. (source)

Jessica’s Keys to Success:
– smaller portions
– track calories
– exercise

Her results:

I lost 70 pounds in my first year. I had gone from a size 3x maternity pants to a size 18 pants. (the size I wore in high school) I felt better physically and mentally but after the year point I was having a bit of trouble adjusting to the change. when I looked in the mirror I dident really recognize the person looking back at me and it was a bit scary, expecially for someone who has never really known a healthy weight. I was aproaching something I had never known, diving into unknown waters. I did alot of reflecting in Jan 2010 and dident lose much weight at all. I took some time to think and then desided it was time to move on and time to accept this new me and the me I would become in the next year. Then I started losing weight again. (source)

These are her goals now:

I am now on the second half of my journey, I plan to reach my goal of a healthy weight by the end of 2010. I switched from points over to counting calories with the spark people nutrition tracker and its working really great for me now. I have gained so much in this past year… I have rebuilt what was broken by others and found a person I really never knew was there, a whole brand new person. At 28 years old I am still finding myself but I know by the time I am 30 I will be the person I always should have been and I will know who I am… happy, confident and healthy. (source)

Her advice to others:

I never really thought I could do this… but I have accomplished so much and now I know that I can and will reach my goals. All it takes is time, patients, faith in yourself and not quitting. (source)

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