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Former ‘Biggest Loser’ Trainer Kim Lyons talks about a No-Excuse Approach to a Healthier You


If you haven’t heard of personal trainer Kim Lyons you must have been living under a rock. She is the former trainer on The Biggest Loser on NBC.

Here is a little look into her world:

She become very popular when she became trainer on The Biggest Loser. Then, when she stopped being on there, people were wondering what had happened and when she would come back.


Asked, if she missed doing the show and what she took away from her time there, she responded:

There are things I miss about The Biggest Loser like being able to inspire millions of people every week by helping my team reach their personal goals. But I don’t miss the craziness and unrealistic hours of training every day. There were times when I just wanted to hug my team and tell them to go let their bodies recover for the day. Instead, we had to head back into the gym and pound out hours and hours of workouts. It’s really not the best way to lose weight and keep it off! In the first few years of the show, it was more about the weight loss and less about the game play and the drama. Now it’s all drama and game play. I love that it shows people how hard you can push yourself and what you can do when you have 100 percent dedication, but it is far from realistic, and it’s really hard for the contestants to maintain their success after they return home. That part of it is always hard for me. (source)

Kim Lyons’ talk about “No-Excuse Approach to a Healthier You”

At Awesomenessfest she gave this 1-hour presentation where she shares with us her life-changing decisions that led her to believe your health matters before EVERYTHING else. She talks about:

– how she was chubby
– how she got into fitness (pure coincidence)
– how she got onto the show The Biggest Loser
– how was able to bounce back again and again
– what she thinks now of The Biggest Loser (interesting)
– what YOU can do to become healthier

Time Table of the speech + Notes:

00:29 “If you don’t have your health – you have NOTHING”

00:50 Crazy Morning Story

01:40 Exercise for audience (balance)

03:45 Interactive Exercise (audience works out)

07:00 difference between winning or losing = not quitting

07:30 How Kim got started in Fitness

13:00 the “oh damn what do I do now”-moment

14:20 The Chosen One

15:30 NBC calls…

19:00 the shocking phone call

20:50 Ken’s story

23:45 Buddha was right

24:00 The Scary Truth (risks of dying)

31:00 The Bouncy Ball Theory

33:00 The Truth About The Biggest Loser
“If you try to lose 15-20 pounds per week you are going to die. I’m surprised nobody has died on that show [The Biggest Loser] yet.”

36:55 The 5 P’s to Good Health
1. Proper Exercise
2. Proper Weight
3. Proper Rest
4. Proper Attitude
5. Proper Nutrition

44:15 Forget Calorie Counting

47:00 How to avoid the 3pm afternoon crash

50:00 Q&A | Kim recommends “Kangen Water”. She uses an expensive machine similar to this, but you might want to try a cheaper model first.

55:40 Q&A | Kim’s take on supplements. She takes:
ZMA (before bed for better sleep)

Remember Kim’s words: “If you don’t have your health – you have NOTHING.”

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" Former ‘Biggest Loser’ Trainer Kim Lyons talks about a No-Excuse Approach to a Healthier You "