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Amazing Success Story: How Stacy Lost 180 Pounds (Before and After Images)


“My success story started from within. I released 180 pounds without dieting, drugs, or pummeling my self-esteem. Believe it or not, there was no battle involved. Just balance. I started doing DDPYOGA, stopped drugging myself with food, and started paying attention to who I really AM” -Stacy

In November 2009 she hit an all-time high of 345 pounds

a visit to the doctor revealed I’d hit an all-time high of 345 pounds.  Hours later, as I sprawled on the living room chaise lounge with a bag of potato chips in one hand and a brimming bowl of clam dip in the other, I lay back to hear Oprah confess that she’d fallen off the wagon. The chips I’d become accustomed to ingesting were no ordinary potato chips.  The dense little discs of potatoes deep-fried in lard and they served to flawlessly execute what had become customary for me:  being sedated by food. Nothing gave me a flavor high and then put me under like those greasy, fragrant little bits of manna from heaven. (source)

How did Stacy turn things around? Watch her amazing transformation video to find out:

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" Amazing Success Story: How Stacy Lost 180 Pounds (Before and After Images) "